A global presence


A wide presence in the world is a key factor in today’s landscape, enlarging business opportunities around the globe and minimizing “market based” risks for our corporate customers. And, on top of all, giving a global perspective to entrepreneurial growth.

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Service partners

We rely the quality of our services on know-how and competence. And we are well aware that any international projects needs a diversified set of services provided by several players. To effectively and efficiently support the execution of our Customers, we constantly seek for companies and professionals able to provide specialized, advanced, and competitive services, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Certifications
  • Legal advice
  • Tax support
  • Local media services

In the time, we created a strong international network of suppliers of proven skills and niche competence who contribute to our added value services. With no second end, out to provide a transparent and qualified service supporting the goal of their durable international expansion.

If you belong to one of the mentioned categories and provide high-qualified services in one of our covered markets, do not hesitate to contact us. We always welcome new applicants, certain how many companies and professionals are delivering tremendous value out there!

Service partners