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Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience across many industries and markets, facing complex challenges and optimizing each investment to achieve higher results.

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Leading your international journey

Services for Companies

As a world organization, our teams in different regions of the globe act with no geographical boundaries. BPC Global secret in its outstanding performance across international countries relies on its extensive experience, knowledge of the markets and presence of multicultural managers. An approach that let our organization create best practices, optimized processes, and effective activities, as ingredients of our successful international projects.

Our services are studied to support every step of the international growth with a set of tailor-made services:

Strategy and preparation

Business Development Business Development

Expand your business on international markets, through a phase of analysis, preparation and subsequent development with the search for customers and distributors, or widen your supply network through the selection of qualified suppliers from all over the world.

Strategy and preparation

  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Strategy and Sales Channels
  • Contact List of potential partners
  • Marketing Preparation
  • Discovery Mission

Market development

  • Exhibition Support
  • Export Start
  • Export Development
  • Sales Mission
  • Market Expansion
  • Import Scouting

Foregin investments Local presence

Launching your local presence on foreign markets through a direct structure, in a joint venture, or through partners, using alternative growth and organization formulas such as distribution, franchising, and licensing.

Partner search

  • Joint-Ventures Search
  • Franchising / Licensing
  • Outsourcing

Local unit setup

  • Company Setup
  • Domicile
  • Personnel Training
  • Assistance & Monitoring

Foregin investments Foreign investments

Acquiring or selling companies or assets through the search for investment opportunities, negotiation support, and turn-key development solutions.

Asset acquisitions

  • Investments Search & Assessment
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Operations Supervision

Asset sales

  • Investors Search & Assessment
  • Negotiation Assistance

Together to bring value

Services for Business Partner

BPC Global promotes joint cooperation with Organizations, Banks, Trade Associations and public Institutions in order to create value-added services for their customer base, such as:

  • Front desk in International markets: we can provide qualified local business development services for their corporate clients
  • Source of market data, trends and international trade business cases to be presented in workshop, seminars and B2B meetings
  • Customized business development services to submit directly to their customers.

Our partners are constantly informed about the ongoing projects and might act as project manager and coordinators, making the partnerships within our organizations a win-win.

Strategy and preparation


In the international markets, the only way to overcome cultural barriers that affect business is to create a state-of-the-art communication, with outstanding presentations provided by:

  • Company Website
  • Company Profile
  • Brochures & Catalogues
  • Product presentations and Landing pages
  • Corporate and Product videos
  • Packaging & Labelling
  • Samples kits

It is not just matter of design & style. Content matters. In essence, a great marketing strategy should be adapted to the mindset of your potential target audience. Even small cultural and linguistic mistakes can lead to drawbacks, that’s why we can connect you with our communication specialist pool.

BPC Global strongly believes in the power of a distinguishing and powerful communication.

Global team

Collaboration with other Professionals

To effectively and efficiently support the execution of any international project, we constantly seek for companies and professionals able to provide specialized, advanced, and competitive services, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Certifications
  • Legal Advice
  • Tax Support
  • Local media services
Collaboration with other Professionals

In the time, we created a strong international network of suppliers of proven skills and niche competence who contribute to our added value services. With no second end, out to provide a transparent and qualified service supporting the goal of their durable international expansion.

If you belong to one of the mentioned categories and provide high-qualified services in one of our covered markets, do not hesitate to contact us. We always welcome new applicants, certain how many companies and professionals are delivering tremendous value out there!